Cheap wedding catering

Well, that must have got your attention. It usually transforms an inquiry to a viable sales lead when it's mentioned.  

All too often, wedding catering is seen as a "Blank cheque book" opportunity to spend the clients’ budget and some, just on whatever it is you’re selling. Never mind what else has to be bought, hired, rented, made or borrowed. Our clients tend to be paying for their own wedding on very strict budgets with no room for extravagance. Village halls, cow sheds, woodland tent village and even tree tunnels have all be used to great effect and I’ve loved every minute of it. The first point of contact is usually somebody looking for “ pig roast Shropshire “, and then the conversion happens. It’s so non-traditional that if somebody typed in “ Spanish BBQ Caterers”  I might have a better chance. But where’s the fun in that?

Our catering company has 2 main principle goals:- To serve the very best meat and food to our clients and their guests and secondly, to offer piece of mind to the clients. How good will the food be? Will they turn up in time? Will there be enough food? These are all questions I’ve had many, many times and there is no second chance to impress.  I look down the list of registered users on my catering blog, the Ironbridge catering’s Facebook page likes  and my own Facebook page to find most of my past clients are now friends sharing their life’s stories with me. And for that I’ve forever grateful.

BBQ catering is a wonderful job to have. I go to parties, sometimes 3 or 4 a week and see the very best of British hospitality. Plain tables covered with white paper roll enhanced with a silk sash, a glass bowl filled with fish tank pebbles and battery powered tea lights fit together with a caricature artist and a converted VW beer van. It all happens here with the best Shropshire catering weddings and parties.

All I’m missing now is funeral catering, but somehow, a large BBQ smoker in the car park as the people arrive just isn’t the thing to see. Or is it!