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We're expanding. Interested?  

After some of the happiest, most stressful, anxious and enjoyable years that I’ve ever had, I'm reaching the stage where I need to expand my business even more.

You see, rather than giving over an event to a member of staff, I'd rather be working with a similarly minded person that is willing to be hands on in the company and deliver on my promises to the clients.

The calendar for BBQ bookings has expanded beyond the packed summer months and now pretty much covers the whole year. That, along with my other catering offerings, gives my clients some amazing choices with something for everybody and their budget.

But I can’t do it on my own without missing other events and opportunities. And there’s been plenty.

There are a few options that can be discussed but primarily I’m looking for somebody with some capital to help maximise the groundwork that’s already been done.

So, if you are local to Telford and want to own part of a up and running catering business, where standards matter and quality is vital, drop me a line and we can talk some more.