We've brought big dish catering to Shropshire

Have you felt it yet? That huge tidal wave of change to party eating habits here in Shropshire. Well, if the bookings and enquiries I've had so  far this year are anything to go by, it seems the good people of this county have definitely caught the bug.

When I set this company up I was a fringe caterer, trying to break the mould of party catering. Finger buffets, sandwich platters versus Hog roast. And that was your lot.

"Give people what they want" was a phrase that I heard time and time again. Thankfully I didn't listen. I went out and bought the largest Paella Pan available in the UK, sourced an indoor burner suitable for cooking such a large pan's ingredients and put together a menu of Giant Paella and Jambalaya dishes that now accounts for almost a third of my wedding catering and party business.  Having tried our house meat Paella, repeat customers are tempting their guests with an alternative dish, more ingredients and even 3 options on the night. I'm even thinking of branching out to become one of the best festival Paella caterer in the UK. I just wish people would try more of the Seafood Paella.

The American style BBQ wedding is a whole different kettle of fish. Those caterers move from one function to the next in their mobile kitchens, sometimes feeding 7 or 8 different parties in one day. They just roll up, a queue is formed, everybody fed and off they drive to the next venue. Somehow, I don't think that's going to the next big thing in Shropshire, or the UK for that matter.

It's not easy life going to parties every weekend but on the eve of the start of  the main BBQ season, I just can't wait for it all to kick off.

If you want BBQ catering prices or some helpful advise in organising your part, please feel free to contact me.

Regards, Kevin