We've brought big dish catering to Shropshire

Have you felt it yet? That huge tidal wave of change to party eating habits here in Shropshire. Well, if the bookings and enquiries I've had so  far this year are anything to go by, it seems the good people of this county have definitely caught the bug.

When I set this company up I was a fringe caterer, trying to break the mould of party catering. Finger buffets, sandwich platters versus Hog roast. And that was your lot.

"Give people what they want" was a phrase that I heard time and time again. Thankfully I didn't listen. I went out and bought the largest Paella Pan available in the UK, sourced an indoor burner suitable for cooking such a large pan's ingredients and put together a menu of Giant Paella and Jambalaya dishes that now accounts for almost a third of my wedding catering and party business.  Having tried our house meat Paella, repeat customers are tempting their guests with an alternative dish, more ingredients and even 3 options on the night. I'm even thinking of branching out to become one of the best festival Paella caterer in the UK. I just wish people would try more of the Seafood Paella.

The American style BBQ wedding is a whole different kettle of fish. Those caterers move from one function to the next in their mobile kitchens, sometimes feeding 7 or 8 different parties in one day. They just roll up, a queue is formed, everybody fed and off they drive to the next venue. Somehow, I don't think that's going to the next big thing in Shropshire, or the UK for that matter.

It's not easy life going to parties every weekend but on the eve of the start of  the main BBQ season, I just can't wait for it all to kick off.

If you want BBQ catering prices or some helpful advise in organising your part, please feel free to contact me.

Regards, Kevin

Catering after the horse meat scandal

With the horse meat scandal beginning to recede, it's time to make sense of what implications it has for us as a caterer in Shropshire. Time and time again we're up against people that will undercut a quote to get the business, caring little about the quality of the food that they will serve. It would be wrong as a business owner to ignore the cost implications of over paying for stock, because without profit, there is no business. However, by paying a little extra, taking the time to source reputable meat suppliers and keeping the supply chain as short as possible, the benefit to our customers and their guests is immense. The satisfaction of seeing kids eating hot dogs or serving a sausage and mash wedding and knowing exactly what's in the food and the quality of it, makes me very proud.

I used to work for a local sandwich company that were awarded the best sandwich bar in the UK. In every store the owner hung a sign that read  "There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey." John Ruskin. It's meant a lot to me over the years and has served me well. It brings home to me that the suppliers I have chosen are also putting quality first. Our Farm to fork route has one step. I cook Buttercross farm meats, butchered onsite and served up at Weddings and parties throughout Shropshire and the West Midlands.

Going forward, what this scandal has (hopefully) thought people, is that over processed meats, don't have a place at our dinner table. Today's news that processed meats have an early death link  ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-21682779)  should be another nail in the coffin of unhealthy practices of the food industry.

The next time you get a quote for your catering, ask yourself  is it worth paying that little bit extra and guaranteeing not only quality but supporting local businesses committed to serving brilliant food.


Cheap wedding catering

Well, that must have got your attention. It usually transforms an inquiry to a viable sales lead when it's mentioned.  

All too often, wedding catering is seen as a "Blank cheque book" opportunity to spend the clients’ budget and some, just on whatever it is you’re selling. Never mind what else has to be bought, hired, rented, made or borrowed. Our clients tend to be paying for their own wedding on very strict budgets with no room for extravagance. Village halls, cow sheds, woodland tent village and even tree tunnels have all be used to great effect and I’ve loved every minute of it. The first point of contact is usually somebody looking for “ pig roast Shropshire “, and then the conversion happens. It’s so non-traditional that if somebody typed in “ Spanish BBQ Caterers”  I might have a better chance. But where’s the fun in that?

Our catering company has 2 main principle goals:- To serve the very best meat and food to our clients and their guests and secondly, to offer piece of mind to the clients. How good will the food be? Will they turn up in time? Will there be enough food? These are all questions I’ve had many, many times and there is no second chance to impress.  I look down the list of registered users on my catering blog, the Ironbridge catering’s Facebook page likes  and my own Facebook page to find most of my past clients are now friends sharing their life’s stories with me. And for that I’ve forever grateful.

BBQ catering is a wonderful job to have. I go to parties, sometimes 3 or 4 a week and see the very best of British hospitality. Plain tables covered with white paper roll enhanced with a silk sash, a glass bowl filled with fish tank pebbles and battery powered tea lights fit together with a caricature artist and a converted VW beer van. It all happens here with the best Shropshire catering weddings and parties.

All I’m missing now is funeral catering, but somehow, a large BBQ smoker in the car park as the people arrive just isn’t the thing to see. Or is it!

Winter Cooking on the BBQ

It's this time of year wonderful? Not if you're used to BBQing in warm dry weather. But when have we had that this year? Struggle on. Fear not, all is not lost. Why not use it as an excuse you dig out some fabulous Mulled wine recipes to keep yourself warm whilst tending your cooking.

Talking of cooking, we're just about to fix up a batch of Smoked Turkey legs. By pre-soaking them ( and rinsing well) in a mild brine solution and adding some brilliant rubs, we're going to be cooking them at a slightly higher temperature than what we normally do. wrapped up in tinfoil, they'll made an excellent addition to our menu at some of the Christmas fayres that we'll be attending.

We're also planning to roll out some Smoked Rib Meat Chilli which has been in development for the last few months ( thanks to all the family & friends that have had nothing else to eat. We cherish your feedback). Served up with our Drunken Sweet potato ( grated Sweet potato with Tequila), it's a fabalous winter warmer.

Take care & good cooking

Ironbridge Catering


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We're expanding. Interested?  

After some of the happiest, most stressful, anxious and enjoyable years that I’ve ever had, I'm reaching the stage where I need to expand my business even more.

You see, rather than giving over an event to a member of staff, I'd rather be working with a similarly minded person that is willing to be hands on in the company and deliver on my promises to the clients.

The calendar for BBQ bookings has expanded beyond the packed summer months and now pretty much covers the whole year. That, along with my other catering offerings, gives my clients some amazing choices with something for everybody and their budget.

But I can’t do it on my own without missing other events and opportunities. And there’s been plenty.

There are a few options that can be discussed but primarily I’m looking for somebody with some capital to help maximise the groundwork that’s already been done.

So, if you are local to Telford and want to own part of a up and running catering business, where standards matter and quality is vital, drop me a line and we can talk some more. Sales@Ironbridgecatering.co.uk